Banners/flags/towels on ____ ____'s ceiling "Cruel loop of time" Scary? Something Turkish?/resembling a bank note Put up in 2000 and I vividly remember that Artist is bald red-bearded guy Everyone has older cars from early 00s which is curious to me -House is larger, more spacious/open than in real life Also some elements of Dream Rutgers and surrounding cities A library where I see Nicholas on computer

Spending several hours one weekend afternoon trying to entertain self among various white rooms with small windows Sloped hallway with high ceiling; above near ceiling are shelves stacked with old (70s-80s) books and audio equipment

Weird alternate version of house with much less tree cover, house is kind of shitty AD asking me to pull off wings of giant dragonfly, I refuse OK, here goes...I'm listening to Cab Voltaire or some industrial music, I see dirt pile in conifer woods...there's a mask or something sitting on the dirt pile and I found out it's an actual human face Large green field at sunset with looming cabin-like building; wavy, vast fields of green lit by setting sun like in some fantasy video game. I feel calm but not safe. Strange red animal creature (like Angel) on a black background, sitting on table and looking toward viewer; his eyes are slanted and he has a bizarre, contorted expression

Indian guy and his brother lived in white house behind us He hanged his younger brother, who swung perpetually for several days from a tree behind the tall birdhouse over the swamp I cut him down and waited anxiously for them to prepare the viewing/funeral Jan lived with them for some reason and was crying

Swimming under an oil rig, the emerging and crawling into the underside of the oil rig where oil was being dripped into giant buckets He watched his son have his throat slit "White bleeding" – where many small veins are cut and the victim bleeds out through them and dies

I was reading a list of people who died in the collapse by floor; a girl on the 4th floor died when "molten milk" hit her in the eye After evacuating, I was walking soaking wet through a parking lot wearing my bed clothes and sandals without socks I could barely see and was in some old clinical building, couldn't find the exit for the life of me. A black girl had a phone number for an eye doctor on her shirt, I asked if she could show it to me, she said "leave me alone, you're creeping me out" I walked out into a yard and some maintenance men followed me, told me I could jump through a gap in the fence


The Delaware Memorial Bridge was pretty much the same as in real life, except the end towards NJ abruptly turned into an impossibly tall, green steel staircase with a big gap in between. The unsettling part was that you had to just jump over a large gap (100' in the air above the river) to get to it. There was another bridge nearby. It was wide and low to the water, and part of it sheltered. Inside, some guys watching TV and cracking open nuts. I tried an unfamiliar nut that was shaped almost like a walnut but more oblong, and it was delicious.