Scientists believe that one of the genes conferring the ability to sting in jellyfish was acquired from bacteria. Ancestral jellyfish may have received this gene via horizontal transfer... ...the gene, which appears in all cnidarians, codes for a subunit of poly-gamma-glutamate (PGA) synthase subunit. PGA itself is a major component of cnidocytes (stinging cells). Bacteria use PGA to form capsules. The gene appears in all known cnidarians, including corals and anemones.

Japanese beetles have picked up sequences from parasitic bacteria.

Bdelloid rotifers received genes from bacteria, fungi, and plants

...PGA lets cnidarian cells to change their osmotic pressure, which, when achieved quickly, ejects a poisonous barb from the cell.

PGA also gives natto is texture.

Weight loss competition with friends in college caused him to develop anorexia nervosa. A Starbucks with protein bars in four flavors: cookies and cream, peanut butter, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. Enjoying them, calling them "heavenly". They cost $3.99 each.

Muddy, lush summer thicket. Old houses and cars, abandoned after their elderly owners' deaths, sinking into muddy water. I drive a 1988 BMW M5. Abandoned blue 2004 Lexus 430LS in driveway. Once I delivered in a neighborhood where at least five houses had one or more abandoned cars in their driveway.

We bought a hen, black and white striped, and it stayed within the yard pecking at the ground. I had Ivor outside too, was afraid he'd hurt the chicken but he just sniffed at it and tried to play with it. A snake attacked me and tried to strangle me. Later, I caught the chicken attacking a praying mantis.